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Funny Podcasts about Mail Order Brides

Funny Podcasts about Mail Order Brides

Along with the rapid development of the online dating industry, Western men opt for mail order brides over local girls to get married. Some single males can’t find a bride in their place, while others consider looking abroad. 

Hundreds of specialists discuss the long-lasting history of the dating industry, funny stories surrounding it, and how the dating services have evolved to what they are currently today. The following podcasts will lift the veil of secrecy and tell you all insights about the mail order bride business.

The love story of Korean mail order bride and a Canadian man

Most of us are pretty skeptical about choosing a life partner from a list of candidates . Yet, a significant number of Canadian men are doing just like that. 

Single males who use matchmaking services are usually surprised by the number of young Asian women, ready to leave their native land and come to North America to spend the rest of their lives there.

In 1984, a Canadian journalist, Bob McKeown, published his broadcast about the popularization of international marriages. The report tells about the love story of a Korean mail order bride, Yune Heue, and a Canadian man, Calgarian Ken Penny. It all started from exchanging letters for three months and ended up in a long-lasting happy marriage. 

Like other Western men, Ken has always been fascinated by Asian beauty. He finds Eastern mail order brides caring, supportive, and devoted in terms of a serious relationship. 

During his study, McKeown interviews owners of dating agencies to determine what makes Asian brides and Canadian men use matchmaking services.

Follow the link below to listen to a podcast and discover more:

It all started in Jamestown, Virginia

Salacious history is a set of podcasts about sex, romance, and marriage that was initially designed for a mature audience. Episode 10 takes a deep dive into the long-lasting history of mail order brides. 

It investigates the circumstances that allow the whole industry to thrive, what conditions for foreign brides are involved, and why some single men consider dating sites to be the place where they can buy a bride online. 

The discussion of mail-order marriages will take you back to Jamestown, Virginia, where 104 men and boys settled in 1607. Most of them wished to start a family but had no one to marry. The colony’s leader proposed putting out an advertisement for wives back in England.

The women who answered the ad and traveled to Jamestown are considered to be very first mail order brides. Click the link to listen to how the industry has changed over time and other humor information surrounding it:

How does the mail order bride business work nowadays 

They say mail-order agencies have been bringing wives to Western men worldwide for over two centuries. Some American men struggled to meet someone special in their native land, while others used matchmaking services. 

The history of the industry goes back to the 1800s when men married women they’ve never seen before. Brides were pretty popular in the USA at that time, though things have completely changed now. 

The Great Destruction podcast is an hour and a half chat of four guys discussing the modern features of the mail order brides business and how the whole thing works nowadays. Apart from a short retrospection to the past with a few historical facts about the industry, they mostly talk about the most common funny situations that occurred. 

The piece ended up being fairly entertaining. Follow the link to discover more: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/59-mail-order-brides/id1406218499?i=1000439041684