About Me

Hi everyone! I’m glad to meet you on my about page! If you love good jokes, podcasts, stand-up shows, and comedy movies, then it’s a perfect spot for you. Here, we’ll discuss the hottest news in the world of humor and have fun, of course.

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Sometimes an essay is confused with a narrative, although they are fundamentally different from each other. The narrative reflects the author’s emotional position, while the essay is a more voluminous work with an analysis of the topic and clearly formulated conclusions. 

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Punch Up the Jam is a popular American comedy podcast. I love it so much that the decision to create a blog and borrow the show’s name was obvious. The hosts of this podcast make me laugh every time I listen to them, and they deserve to be mentioned on my about page. Demi Adejuyigbe and Miel Bredouw are comedians who have turned the music world upside down. They review and remix popular songs – the best friends give the new shape to famous hits. Every time I listen to their new masterpiece, I start dancing and the limits don’t exist for me anymore.

Why did I decide to write about humor? Well, I’ll confess that I believe that it runs the world. Some situations would be unbearable without jokes. People who understand it are winners in their lives. Good laughter can help you accept everything that happens, and everyday tragedy doesn’t seem so sad anymore. Many famous comedians are sad behind the scenes, but with the help of jokes, they managed to find the balance between positivity and negativity. And if you ever forget how much laughter helps us pass through all the existing circumstances, get back to my about page and read about these comedians. In this way, you’ll find the key to the solution of your drama and look at the situation from another angle.

I think that writing funny scripts requires special skills and the presence of a strong sense of humor. In this blog, I’ll share lists of my favorite comedy movies, actors, podcasts, and even tips on creating jokes from time to time. We’ll talk about iconic films that made our parents laugh, immortal jokes, funny situations from popular sitcoms, and many more. It’s hard to count all the subjects I want to discuss with you, and I don’t even want to uncover all the secrets of my blog. Be sure that here, you’ll always find how to forget about your blue mood and relax after a hard day at college or work. Let’s listen to podcasts where dialogues can be compared to art, and watch the movies with killing jokes over and over again.

This about page doesn’t contain anecdotes that make you die from laughter, but it has another important thing. It’s the invitation to join me in the world of the best jokes and funny people. Together, we’ll find new comedy shows, stand-up performers, movies, and other entertaining things. It’s more pleasant to cope with your everyday challenges if you have someone who can give you joy and make you smile. So, now you can leave this page and move to another section – read one of my posts and laugh out loud!